“Integrity is the state of being when you are whole and complete which leads to an experience of wholeness, performance and productivity in your treatment. Awareness is the ability to notice your present experience.”... Susan Marie Hart

Please allow me to introduce both myself and my unique approach to Structural Integration Bodywork. I am Susan Hart, Bodyworker since 1982 and I have created a form of Structural Integration Bodywork, “The Hart Method,” or as some people may understand it: Advanced Structural Massage Therapy. As a forerunner in the evolution of Bodywork, I have been actively engaged in the ongoing education of the public regarding this miraculous, life-changing, ancient art. I want to share what I’ve learned on my journey with you as your therapist. Over the years I’ve taught seminars, been interviewed and written articles for magazines, plus I’ve been interviewed on television about my lifelong commitment. As an early member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I’ve taken a personal role in the growth of the art of Bodywork here in the western United States. I’ve taught in California, Oregon and Washington, and helped educate many of my students, enabling them to move on to become therapists themselves. I’ve always felt that emphasizing how we perceive the body facilitates a higher quality of treatment. The basis, the core value of my work, has been centered upon the re-patterning of our respective bodies muscle groups. Many times, whether it’s an automobile accident, a fall at work or at home, perhaps a sports injury or just the stresses of everyday life, we can all benefit from some form of muscular therapy to accelerate and assist our healing. As we age our bodies change, our respective postures shift, we lose our natural gait as we walk, and let’s face it, our bodies just don’t feel as limber, or as fluid anymore Much of what I can do for you is to reintroduce, that is give your body back, that fluid sense of movement by improving your posture. This is an aspect I introduced years ago as part of my Structural Massage Bodywork, my particular chosen form of therapy. Attempting to bring your body back to full homeostasis, I add “Gua Sha”(see my Gua Sha page here). Originating in China, this is an ancient, traditional folk method that has been proven to promote energy and enhance blood circulation while detoxifying the blood. Over these same years I’ve worked conjunctively with a wide gamut of chiropractors, and many of my clients have been, orthopedic patients that have had shoulder, knee, hip, feet and neck surgeries. Also dancers, sports enthusiasts, like long distance runners, triathletes, golfers, surfers and yes, everyday people with everyday stresses. I know the rigors and resulting problems of “extreme” sports participants. I’m now bringing my technical expertise in Bodywork, to Lake Forest, CA. I look forward to working with you if you’re one of those people prepared to lessen your discomfort and pain. Together, let’s create an atmosphere of positive change for you and for your body’s muscular system.

To my clients:
“I would like to thank all of my clients, of so many years, that have come to me with such chronic problems for trusting me and my methods. For the many times you have been on my table, you have made me a better therapist. Namaste”

picture of susan