The Gua Sha Tool

Origin: Chinese

Gua: To scrape away

Sha: Toxicity

A Gua Sha (GS) application or treatment first requires the spreading of a thin layer of base oil upon the skin. The critical areas are then scraped with the therapist’s preferred GS tool. Don't worry, this procedure is painless. I only go to the body's borderline, so there is no pain. Most of my clients refer to it as "magic".

Essential, aromatic oils are sometimes added to the base to help it penetrate open pores. This both promotes and stimulates the circulation of blood, as well as the body’s stagnant “chi” (prana or energy flow).

The GS tool is a round-edged, flat board, usually made of Jade and about the size of a credit card. Its shape and size therefore facilitates it’s primary function which is to promote your body’s blood circulation. But it also expedites the release of “sha” (toxicity) and acts to tonify the chi.

As the GS tool is applied, it pushes a buildup of fluids ahead of it. After it passes a zone, it leaves an indentation or vacuum behind. Subsequently, the toxins (sha) are drawn to the skin’s surface from deep within the body’s tissue. These sha-laden fluids flood the body’s surface and can be visibly observed as glowing bright red where the toxic heat is lifted or pulled.

GS treatment creates suction upon the skin that literally draws these stagnant fluids from very deep within the body’s muscular system and even internal organs. In this manner the body’s toxic debris is removed. It is replenished by fresh, highly oxygenated nutrient rich fluids, which, in turn, accelerate regeneration and revitalize the immune system.

GS is not just theoretical, it is based upon century’s old, proven traditional Chinese medicine healing techniques. It can, without being as physically invasive, achieve results similar acupuncture. GS can be applied to much larger areas than acupuncture and is not limited to the meridian system.

picture of guashatool