The Hart Method

Throughout the years of my practice, and over 25,000 hours of sessions, I have seen so many clients with so many physical problems that your general massage therapy cannot uncover and create a well-balanced, fluid body for that client.

Within the 36 years of my practice, I have created a form of Structural Integration Massage Therapy that I refer to as “The Hart Method.” It is an advanced form of Structural Massage Therapy.


It is a road map which has led to the technique called Advanced Structural Massage Therapy Bodywork, another form of Structural Integration Bodywork (SIB). The system, like its name, underscores the need for patterned order in the human body. This structural pattern exists; work in SIB is not so much creating this pattern as uncovering it.

Once you begin forcing yourself to maintain a misaligned posture your structure and your posture are at war. Your muscles shorten, which then causes your skeletal system to go out of alignment. Along with the skeletal problems, your muscles start hurting, the body starts compensating, and as we age we therefore believe that this is now how we are supposed to feel.

In my career as an instructor and practitioner of SIB, I have re-patterned a disorganized road map in each of my clients’ muscular systems with great success. For example, when your neck and shoulders are in pain and you are feeling the exhaustion of all that is not well in your world, your shoulders can raise to a high unnaturally, or possibly round forward position. This can lead to other physical problems.

As your therapist, I work with kinesiology which is a study of the mechanics of body movement. I also use the Gua Sha method (see my Gua Sha page here)which detoxifies your body and helps open the fibers so that you can have a more free-flowing movement throughout your muscular system. I can help prevent your posture from being poor or deteriorating further. I can give your body an opportunity to bring back that healthy posture you once had when it moved more freely.

I work on a variety of clients such as professional athletes, orthopedic surgical patients, chiropractic patients, golfers, martial arts experts, runners, doctors, secretaries and other people from all walks of life. If you have a certain problem you wish to discuss you can email me via my website. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


After all the many cases of injuries, recuperation from surgeries, chronic stresses experienced by my clients, I have been able to take my Structural Massage to an even more evolved level with my Gua Sha tool.

With my “white jade” Gua Sha tool, I am able to lie out the fibrotic tissue to a smoother pliable surface, release the myofascial tissues and bring in circulation on a deeper and more nutritious level. Don't worry, this procedure is painless. I only go to the body's borderline, so there is no pain. Most of my clients refer to it as "magic". Your results for the body are fast moving and immediate. After receiving this type of massage, you may feel a “good kind of sore” the next day or so, but this is the soreness that you want to feel. You know that your muscles are re-patterning, and your body is shifting. Gravity will start working with you instead of against you.

picture of gua sha tool