When you come for your session with me, you will find clean linens, lavender aromas, peace, quiet and tranquility. At varying points in your massage, I use hot towels to relax the muscles. Before beginning your first session I will typically ask you about the stress in your life and any other life traumas, including major accidents, emotional traumas, surgeries, conditions and diseases.

My method of structural integration effects changes in posture by manipulating the body's myofascial system. The focus of my method is on the fascia rather than on the muscles (as in massage). The fascia is a protective layer of connective tissue that surrounds each muscle and muscle fiber. Fascia gives muscles and bodies their shape and supports the body.

I use a range of techniques to lengthen and reposition the fascia and the body. The amount of pressure used and techniques applied varies. I may use slow, deep, stretching movements, or constant applied pressure. I focus on the entire body and spend time during your session on your legs and feet. Some clients book sessions for their feet and legs only. Correcting misalignment and blockage in the feet, ankles and legs is key to effecting healing in the upper body.

As tissue is being released, you may experience a variety of sensations ranging from warm and pleasant to uncomfortable. As the session moves forward, I will apply appropriate pressure during the session based on your feedback, so the pace of the session is under your control. Sometimes, as the tissue is released and balanced, clients experience the release of emotions, memories or traumas that have been stored in the fascial tissue. Such releases can create the opportunity for change and healing. I also use my Gua Sha tool during this process to bring the underlying toxins to the surface of the skin so that they can be removed.

After the session, I might advise you on better ways to move helping you to become aware of your habitual and inhibiting movement patterns and help you change these patterns to achieve more fluid movement. This will serve to affect your level of daily functioning by helping to change unhealthy patterns in common activities such as sitting, walking and breathing.

Structural Integration usually requires a series of ten sessions to systematically release the myofascial tissue. Each session builds upon the last, addressing layers of tissue throughout the process. The series is designed to balance your body in segments, with each session addressing a different aspect of your structure and movement.

The process of Structural Integration is an individual and personal process with a wide range of effects and benefits. In general, a body that is aligned and balanced in gravity moves with more ease, fluidity, efficiency and grace. Movement is a pleasure, breathing is easier and good posture is more effortless. You can expect increased levels of energy and alertness. Feelings of stress can also decrease while your level of relaxation can increase.

Structural Integration aims to affect the whole person, emotionally, physically and energetically, by way of altering the physical structure. Our emotions and behavior patterns are related to our physical being. As impediments to balance are removed and the body comes into greater alignment, aspects of the self may also become more aligned. An experience with Structural Integration may help release an individual's potential, promote positive change, lower anxiety, improve sleep, increase confidence, and promote emotional well-being. Finally, Structural Integration provides increased body awareness and presence allowing for a feeling of finally being at home in your body.

skeletons before and after